Tried & Tested Survival Advice for Middle Schoolers

Middle school is perhaps the most testing time for students. Besides the struggle of managing the newly earned freedom, students at this age often struggle to build their identity and fit in various circles. 

This struggle is increased by the changes in the body, and pressures from their peers and their dating life. All this pressure thus makes middle school a daunting period for students. This article will highlight various middle school survival tips including what to do and what not to do in middle school.

Adherence to these tips will help you stay abreast with your studies and avoid common middle school frustrations. Without further ado, here are our tips for middle schoolers.

Tips to survive middle school

  1. Stay organized

With the many commitments in middle school, you require a schedule detailing the session for handling each obligation on your hands. This helps you stay ahead of your plans and to manage urgent tasks without exceeding the set deadlines. 

As such, you should provide means for middle schoolers to organize themselves and highlight their obligations per day. You could also teach them the considerations for scheduling to help them set logical targets and commit to their schedule.

  1. Get enough sleep

Many students often face the pressure to stay up the whole night to complete assignments before the deadline. Although this approach may seem informed, sleep deprivation does you more harm than good. 

When deprived of sleep, you can barely master focus on the following day, thus falling behind on class notes and recording low productivity in your study sessions. 

  1. Using study time wisely

The organization ranks top among the advice for middle schoolers. Success in middle school narrows down to how you manage each minute.

After scheduling your study sessions, plan for the materials needed. This will prevent unnecessary trips for retrieving necessary study material. As such, you can manage more productivity per session and manage the objectives for each study session. 

Also, consider employing the Pomodoro technique to chunk your sessions into small bits and maintain maximum focus for each study session. 

  1. Surround yourself with good company

Friends are a key part of your stay in middle school. The company you keep rubs your better judgment and pushes you either towards bad or good behavior. Bad company will skew your indulgences to negative behavior, making you a candidate for various repercussions.

Your company also makes the bulk of your study groups, determining your academic trajectory. Preferably select peers that are focused on the study and those that share your likes and interests. 

We also recommend that you avoid falling into the trap of engaging in negative behavior to please fellow students. 

  1. Join a club

A club is essential for making new friends. Clubs also allow you to mingle with like-minded friends, helping you to achieve your likes and dislikes. Middle school clubs are also great at helping you manage your free time and thus keep you from various negative pressures. 

Clubs and games are also a great way to lose the stress of academics and refresh for your study sessions. 

  1. Learn proper note-taking skills

Note-taking is a vital skill to master for success in your academics. Learning to take notes is thus common among the tips for middle schoolers. Proper note-taking not only makes it easy for you to revise but also allows you to relate various ideas encountered during your sessions.

We recommend the Cornell strategy as it provides room to connect notes with related ideas and highlights the questions you could be asked within a topic. Alternatively, make mind maps of your work to hasten comprehension and easily retrieve the concepts you’ve encountered. 

  1. Know and obey school orders

The key to surviving middle school is to keep your name from the negative side of your tutors. For this, be keen to adhere to school rules and commit to your responsibilities promptly. 

Final take

Adopting to middle school often proves a challenge for students around the globe. This middle school guide highlights the best advice for middle school students to ensure their academic success and help them fit into school. We hope that our guide was handy for your middle schooler. Feel free to request custom help from our experts to ensure your child’s academic success.

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