Student’s Guide on How to Survive High School

High school often presents a challenging battle for students to achieve a balance between their various commitments. Ranging from assignments to revision, a part-time job to your sporting engagements, you need to employ various tricks to stay abreast with all commitments without compromising your academic progress. 

Here, we’ve compiled some tips for high school students on how to survive high school and ensure your academic success. 

High school survival guide

Surviving high school calls for proper mastery of time management, quality study strategies, and knowledge of the resources you could use in preparing your assignments. Some of the best high school tips and tricks we’d recommend for you include:

  1. Work on your time management

The key advice for high schoolers is to learn to create a schedule and commit to your plans. For this, you should find various apps for time planning and acquire the timetable of lessons. 

Next, plan for assignments every week while giving priority to the urgent assignments. You could also consider color-coding your calendar to follow up better on your commitments. Make it a habit to review your notes each night to hasten your understanding of the covered concepts.

As such, leave some free time for revising your notes each evening. Next, learn to commit to your schedule and avoid unnecessary indulgences that were not recorded in your schedule. 

  1. Don’t skip class

Class time is crucial for making your notes, gauging the areas where your teacher has laid emphasis, and consulting for guidance on areas you are facing challenges. Skipping class thus does you a disservice and makes it hard to determine the areas your tutor is likely to test on. 

  1. Develop a proper note-taking approach

Note-taking is crucial for the successful revision of the studied concepts. Your notes should be comprehensive, legible, and organized, allowing you to easily refer to various concepts and add your findings during the further study.

It would be best that you learn the proper note-taking skills and highlight the key points for notes on various topics. You should shorten your notes for easy review and indicate the key points and possible questions within the page. 

You could consider employing the Pomodoro technique or the Cornell technique as these are easy to follow and help to break down your content.

  1. Use your study time appropriately

Building good study habits is a fundamental skill for getting through high school. With many activities occupying your schedule, it is best to make the most of the time set aside for study. 

It is thus crucial to avoid distraction and master maximum focus when working on the day’s content. Be keen to determine your most productive time and take breaks within each session to avoid loss of focus due to exhaustion.

It’s best to find resources before your study session, reducing the errands made during your study session. Also, get ample rest over the night to avoid tiredness on the following day. 

  1. Form study groups

Teaching a friend is a great way to summarize what you have studied and to compare notes for gaps you could have left within the lecture. Group study also helps you establish various approaches for approaching a concept and helps you acquire help in areas you had not mastered.

  1. Join a club

All work without play makes Jack a dull boy. An oft said statement that often bears little weight for high school students. You must wind off and refresh your mind when preparing for the subsequent lesson. 

Extracurricular involvements allow you to break class monotony, helping you regain energy for addressing the next study sessions. 

Final take

We’ve all heard the notion that high school is hard. This belief has been developed by students who struggle with managing various aspects of their studies and are thus faced with a series of crises. 

The tips in this article should help you manage your work in high school and secure your academic success. Feel free to consult our experts for guidance with high school content, reducing struggles with ideas that are unclear to you. 

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